• Members must check-in at the front desk when they arrive. Make sure the necessary emergency information is on file.

  • Members must sign-in any guests as soon as they arrive.

  • No swimming without a lifeguard on duty.

  • Distracting the attention of a lifeguard is dangerous and prohibited. All policy complaints should be taken up with pool management or the HHRC Board of Directors.

  • Do not call for help unless you need it. A false alarm will result in a time-out for the first offense.

  • No patrons allowed on the lifeguard stands.

  • Adult supervision is required for all non-swimmer or children under ten years of age—no exceptions.

  • Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow end.

  • No floating aids or air mattresses (this includes water wings and rings). Coast Guard-approved life jackets are allowed. A parent must remain within arm's length of the child.

  • No paper diapers in the pool. Swim diapers or regular diapers with tight-fitting plastic pants are required.

  • The wading pool is for children five years of age and under. All children in the wading pool must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

  • No diving in the main pool. No flips or stunts off the side of the pool.

  • No rough play in the pool or on the pool deck.

  • No running allowed. No skateboards or other wheeled toys may be used inside the pool fence.

  • No eating on the pool deck, except behind the food line.

  • No chewing gum allowed in the pool.

  • No glass or metal objects allowed on the pool deck.

  • Only proper swimming attire allowed in pool.

  • Dive mask, fins and snorkel use must be discussed with pool staff prior to use.

  • No hanging on lane ropes.

  • Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. Patrons may not play in the fitness lanes.

  • At least two lap lanes will be open at all times, with one lane open during swim team practices. When there are three or more swimmers per lane, swim should proceed in a counter-clockwise circle. With two swimmers, the lane may be split.

  • Kickboards are for instructional use and lap swimmers only.

  • No pets (except for seeing-eye dogs) are allowed in the bath house or pool area.

  • Lifeguards may call an adult swim at ten minutes before the hour at their discretion.

  • Anyone abusing property may be denied use privileges and assessed values of the property destroyed.

  • The lifeguards can and will bar habitual offenders from the pool for any length of time they deem necessary.

  • Only authorized personnel are allowed in the pump room.

  • Please notify the lifeguard if you are in need of assistance or have any medical conditions (e.g., allergy to bee stings).


The HHRC is member-owned and managed by an elected board of members.


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